Taylor Swift Didn't Release New Album, Just A Poster


Taylor Swift's record label needs a little lesson in managing expectations, mmkay?  MMKAY, Universal Music?? MMKAY, TAY???

The secret to managing expectations is specifics.

Yes, you need to keep things vague enough that there's still something to get excited about, but a tweet promising simply “a surprise” Swifties would “not want to miss” might as well read,

But you did it anyway.

Fans' minds obviously darted straight to the possible rogue release of Taylor's sixth album.

Sadly, Universal's promises were empty, and all the label had to offer was a damn poster.

What… the… hell is this? We don't want this.

Swifties were saddened, but ultimately not too stunned by the let down.

To add insult to injury, the merch is only available to those who purchase one of Tay's album on iTunes and provide proof of the transaction.

Universal Music

UM, BUHSCUSE US? We already HAVE all those albums. We want a NEW album. We want TS6.

We are young and poor, but we're not idiots, for the most part. If you want more of our money, Universal, you're not getting it with the same crap you already sold us.


But if you're looking for fresh cash, you'd better give us fresh music, or we're going to make sure that tiny child from “America's Got Talent” burns Tay's career to the ground.

LOL, JK! Give us the album.

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