Taylor Swift's New Album's Release Date May Be Revealed By This Equation


Two years before civil war spread across many nations over who would be part of Team Taylor or Team Kanye, Taylor Swift was having one of the best years of her life.

Actually, every year is probably great when you're Taylor Swift, but 2014 especially.

She dropped "1989" and embarked on a world tour that had cameos from so many of her celebrity besties and casual acquaintances.

But besides Gigi Hadid saying that new Taylor music was coming, the artist has been mum about when fans can expect her next album.

Could Taylor be following in Beyoncé's footsteps and drop her album RIGHT OUTTA NOWHERE? It's totally possible.

One journalist believes she may have figured out when we can be expecting this next album using simple math.

Not me... I am not that journalist. I haven't used math in my entire life to solve a problem -- not since the SATs.

Emily Yahr of the Washington Post may just have cracked the case.


While I still believe that any woman who can do math is a witch, Yahr's logic seems to be spot on.

Her projection? Taylor Swift will release her sixth album on...

Sunday, October 23, 2016.

Based on Swift's past, we know that she drops an album every other October or November, with "1989" being released on October 27, 2014.

We also know that our girl T-Swift has an obsession with the number 13.

Thirteen is Swift's number. She was born on December 13, her first album went gold in 13 weeks and she used to draw 13 on her hand before shows.

(They used to draw "Pen 15" on my hand in middle school -- it was not lucky.)

So, that leads us to Yahr's breakthrough equation...

If we were to write out the projected date in numerals, (10/23/16) and then added them together it would look something like this...

1+0+2+3+1+6= 13

Another possible date is November 13, 2016, 1+1+1+1+3+1+6 = 13.

But if we consider October 23, 2016 to be our main day, then that date is sandwiched betwixt Saturday, October 22, when Swift will be performing at the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix in Texas, her only concert of 2016, and Monday, October 24, the 10 year anniversary of her first album being released.

Hmm, it really makes you chin-scratching-emoji-face, doesn't?


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