Taylor Swift Might've Donated $15K To Man Who Saved His Family In Crash

Here's your morning dose of feel-good news: Taylor Swift played Secret Santa with a firefighter whose family was involved in a car crash.

Taylor Swift is known for having a close relationship with her fans.

She's known for doing stuff like randomly sending care packages to fans and stalking Tumblr followers with the sole purpose of taking selfies with them.

But, the singer/songwriter/famous serial dater stepped up her fan appreciation game when she recently donated $15,000 to help pay for the medical bills of a Texas firefighter's family.

When Aaron Van Riper, the assistant chief for the Thomas Lake Fire Department, responded to a car accident about a week ago, he was shocked to find out two of the people involved in the crash were his wife, Amber, and son, Jonathan.

Both were rushed to the hospital and thankfully, survived the crash.

Unfortunately, Amber and Jonathan sustained injuries during the incident and needed various medical procedures.

According to Van Riper, Amber had to undergo nine hours of surgery to repair various broken bones and a shattered pelvis.

In order to supplement the impending medical bills, friends set up a GoFundMe campaign for the Van Riper family.

As the story became national news, the GoFundMe campaign gained traction.

Currently, the fund raised over $101,000 from various donors.


One such donor, named “Taylor Swift,” contributed $15,000 to the cause.

It can't be officially confirmed if it was actually her or not, but unless there is some eccentric millionaire going around and donating money as the singer, you can assume Taylor is hell-bent on racking up some good karma.

This isn't the first time Taylor has done something like this.

Back in 2014, T-Swift gave a total of $4,000 to a homeless fan's crowdfunding campaign using her cats' names as aliases.

So there you have it. Taylor Swift: Singer. Songwriter. Modern-day Mother Teresa.

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