Everyone's Saying These Pics Prove Taylor Swift Really Got A Boob Job

Let's talk about breasts, baby, let's talk about you and me...

According to Twitter, it looks like this week is all about the boobies! Yesterday, Kylie Jenner's tatas broke the internet after she added a series of Snapchats showing them off.

Fans immediately accused the 18-year-old reality star of getting a boob job, even though it's unclear if she's actually gotten work done.

But now, fans are pointing fingers at Taylor Swift's rack after she was spotted rockin' a red crop top.

Yup, people think these pics prove Taylor Swift really did get a boob job. 

Here's a picture of Taylor Swift at the Oscars after-party in February, for comparison purposes.


HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Now take a closer look at thespaparazzizi pics from the other day.

INTERESTING. Very interesting.

Twitter has a lot to say on the matter, obviously. Everyone seems to think Taylor 100 percent got a boob job.

Taylor's boob job — a (@dobrevandswift) August 25, 2016

Many fans started speculating at the beginning of the summer when Taylor went to the beach with Tom Hiddleston.

So, did Taylor Swift actually get a boob job? Unclear.

Does it matter? No.

SO EVERYONE, LEAVE TAYLOR'S BOOBS ALONE. I do like that crop top, though.

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