Are Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande Friends? Here's What We Know

by Jamie LeeLo

Raise your hand if you're on Taylor Swift's sh*t list? Anyone? HOW DO WE KNOW? After Tay-Tay dropped her scandalous single "Look What You Made Me Do," she's made it clear she isn't here to make new friends. She has Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Lena Dunham, and legit that's it. But what about other singers, like Ariana Grande?  Are Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande friends? We investigated to find out.

While Grande and Swift come from the same "super famous, young, twenty-something, pop princess" world, they seem to circle two different kinds of crowds. Where Grande is all sultry vocals and bumping beats, Swift is all breathy vocals and catchy choruses.

This might not make sense to you, but I feel like Ariana Grande, like, is a slicked back, brunette, high ponytail and Taylor Swift is a bouncing blonde bob... does that make sense?

Still, setting their specific stereotyped hairstyles aside, I don't know if the two were once a true pair. We know they performed together at The Victoria's Secret Fashion show back in 2o14 (which is basically some sort of weird initiation experience into something that only the performers and models seem to understand).

After the show, Swift shared this article's cover photo on her Instagram.

She captioned the photo, "Oh my God she couldn't be cuter." Since then, the original image has been taken down as part of Taylor Swift's rebirth and replaced with only images of snakes. BUT I DIGRESS.

Hollywood Life also caught Grande and Swift hugging backstage at the 2016 Grammys.


Around that same time, Grande joked with U.K. radio station Capital FM about joining Swift's infamous "squad." She joked, "Oh wow! That would be so crazy. Do you have to do anything weird to get in?" She continued, "All those girls are really nice. I would just be so down."

TBH, that "Bad Blood" music video sort of does feel incomplete now without an Ariana Grande cameo.

Hm... speaking of Katy Perry, this is where things get murky.

Grande and Perry go way back, and everyone knows about the endless beef between Perry and Swift. Once, when sitting down on the radio show Zach and The Gang, Grande recounted a story about standing in one of her pre-show prayer circles with Perry by her side:

Katy was very nice to me when I first put out music, and she took me under her wing was like, 'Hey, if you ever need anything, I can totally be here. She was very welcoming and wonderful and it was so crazy because I went to her show at the Staples Center a couple of years ago. And I was totally inspired by it. I was like, 'Wow. I want to do this.' [Later], She came, and she held my hand in the prayer circle, and she was there. She was like, 'Girl you were here a few years ago watching me, and now I'm watching you. You better kill it, girl.' So, she's always really supportive, and that's very surreal ... It's always so nice to meet someone who's so successful and so humble and down to earth and so nice and generous and welcoming.

IDK, IDK, IDK. Is it possible to be friends with Katy Perry AND Taylor Swift? I wouldn't put money on it, but then again, something tells me that might be the magic of Ariana Grande.

Both women showed support to Grande after the horrific Manchester attack that occurred in May of 2017. Perry rushed to Grande's side to perform in the One Love Manchester benefit concert, and Swift tweeted, "My thoughts, prayers and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I'm sending all my love."

So, are the two friends? I wouldn't say that, but they are friendly and there's definitely no bad blood here. That's good enough for me!

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