LGBTQ Community Isn't Happy About Straight Women 'Going Gay' For Ruby Rose

"OITNB" spoiler alert: At some point during the third season, you will fall in love with Ruby Rose.

Fans of Netflix's signature prison dramedy have not stopped losing their damn minds since Ruby Rose's character, Stella Carlin, was introduced to Litchfield prison.

In fact, the Australian actress and model's addition to the third season of "Orange Is the New Black" was so earth-shattering, straight female fans are now starting to question their sexualities.

But is this newfound sexual reawakening a bad thing?

The LGBTQ community thinks so.

Okay I'm very tired of girls calling themselves gay because they recognise another woman as attractive. — Petunia (@ohsweetnatalie) June 15, 2015
Fellow straight girls: stop saying yr "going gay for ruby rose" you can acknowledge that they're attractive w/o trivializing sexuality ok — Queen Mikayla (@mikaylaesthetic) June 16, 2015
saying you "go gay" for ruby rose just reinforces the idea that sexuality is a choice, and is homophobic — blige romanova (@THECAROLDANVERS) June 16, 2015
I don't even dislike Ruby Rose but it's gotten to the point where my eyes roll into the back of my head every time someone posts about her — ❁ (@hey_dandelion) June 17, 2015
y'all are "gay" for ruby rose but when face to face with a lesbian actually trying to hit on you, you're grossed out??? get outta here — mak (@8bitmak) June 17, 2015
hey if ur a straight female and say "omg im gay" when u see a picture of ruby rose.... definitely 100% stop that — BRODIE LOVELY (@yagrlbrodie) June 17, 2015
Do you think sexuality is flippant and easily swayed? No? Than please stop saying Ruby Rose "turned you gay" — Lauren Lavoie (@LittleRedCactus) June 16, 2015
stop making Ruby Rose ur woman crush wednesday/saying she "made" u a lesbian!! she's not a woman she is genderfluid (pronouns=/=gender) — blue (@gaptooths) June 16, 2015
Can people stop saying they'd "turn lesbian" for Ruby Rose. "Turn," implies that sexuality is a choice. It's not. STOP BEING SO IGNORANT!!!! — Pass The Salt Granny (@PakisRights) June 16, 2015

The jury is still out on whether straight women jokingly questioning their sexualities over Ruby Rose crosses a line or if it is just some harmless messing around.

One thing is for certain, though: If straight women really wanna try and switch it up for a little, they're going to need to find a new lesbian crush.

how to ruin ur day: ruby rose is engaged and it's not to u — t. (@inkedcabellos) June 17, 2015

Sorry, everybody.

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