Miley Cyrus' Ex-GF Stella Maxwell Recreates Hot 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Scene

by Taylor Ortega

If you weren't convinced of Margot Robbie's acting talent before day six of Love magazine's video Advent calendar, you will be after.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” star isn't in the video, but model Stella Maxwell is, in a v. porny reenactment of the film's most vaginal scene.

Having never personally seen a porn version of “The Wolf of Wall Street” (don't @ me. I wholeheartedly believe there are plenty to choose from), this honestly seems like a job well done, were that the intention.

Leonardo DiCaprio's audio is piped in, leaving the Victoria's Secret model to carry the reenactment alone wearing Dsquared2 with direction from Phil Poynter.

Ten points to… Gryffindor? No, this feels distinctly Slytherin. Ten points to Slytherin for maintaining the vaginal integrity of the original piece.

Where many artists would shy away from vag flashes in any work short of actual pornography, both the film and the reenactment decided, hey, if this is a scene about a vagina, there is going to be at least a strong insinuation of realistic, biological vagina glimpses.

That's powerful because even people who love vaginas tend to be like, “WHAT? A VAGINA? HERE? HOW? WHO LET IT IN? DID SOMEONE LEAVE FOOD OUT OR SOMETHING? HOW DO WE GET RID OF IT? DON'T LOOK IT IN THE EYE!”

This is the most vagina the Advent calendar has seen so far this December, though it's offered up plenty of other sexually expressive content.

On the first day of Christmas, Love magazine gave to me: a workout with Bella Hadid.

On the second day of Christmas, Love magazine gave to me: Irina Shayk making pottery.

On the third day of Christmas, Love magazine gave to me: Rita Ora and the Bugle Boy of Company B.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Love magazine gave to me: Ireland Baldwin freeing her boobies on the beach.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Love magazine gave to me: Kendall Jenner posing in undies.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Love magazine gave to me: Stella Maxwell showing us her V.

Something for everyone.

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