5 Sports Illustrated Models Share The Junk Food They Actually Eat

by Katie Corvino

Being a Sports Illustrated model looks fun, except the parts where you have to get naked all the time, work out and eat healthy.

But minus those three things, it sounds like a ball!

Elite Daily was able to attend the Sports Illustrated launch party to speak with the gorgeous models about their diet and fitness routines.

The women are always dolled up and looking glam, so we thought it'd be appropriate to ask them what kind of unhealthy food they actually eat... you know, when no one's looking.

I mean, can someone really go 20-something years without eating bread?

Nah, carbs are a part of life, yo. If you've never tried pizza before, literally get the hell off this page.

Wait, I'm just kidding. Please come back, I need you.


Rookie Sports Illustrated model Kelly Gale admitted she eats a lot of chocolate and nut butters. It's like almond butter... except with chocolate.

She explained,

I know it sounds kind of healthy, but in the amounts I want to eat it, it's not.

All right, fair. You saved yourself there, Kel.

In terms of her go-to workout, the 21-year-old said,

Oh, I love switching it up. I work out every day because it makes me feel good. My favorite would be any kind of ab workout because you can do them any time, anywhere and you see results really fast.

Abs, what are those?!?!

When we asked Rookie model Vita Sidorkina about her food cravings, she said she LOVESSSS eating chocolate. In terms of her go-to workout move, the lady is all about squats.

Sports Illustrated model Barbara Palvin revealed her favorite guilty pleasure food to be cheese.

She shared,

I love cheese, any kind of cheese... grilled cheese, pizza, pasta... anything with cheese.

Barb, my girl. We'd get along great, just saying.

The MVP of the night might have to be Mia Kang, though, because she was 100 percent the most enthusiastic while talking about junk food.

The model said,

My favorite junk food of all time is chips, I could have chips for any meal, any day... I think anyone who knows me knows that I will literally be like sneaking chips in my bag at like 7 am... but I don't like regular ready salted... that's boring.

I can fuck with chips. My favorite is BBQ. Best one, hands down.

Mia also shared her go-to workout move to make herself feel better after going ham on all those chips. She told us,

Kettlebell swings will work every muscle of your body... they will give you a cardio workout, it's a high intensity workout... it's just a full-body amazing experience.

Last but not least, Rookie SI model Danielle Herrington said she loves french fries and even ate them yesterday.

She also offered a healthy snack idea, just in case you feel like a fried blob of fat after eating all those fries. Danielle suggested,

Edamame with some Sriracha. I love it.

OOOhhh, spicy!

See guys, Sports Illustrated models are human, too. Thanks for making me feel a little less chubby today, ladies!