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Sofia Vergara Is Being Sued By Her Own Embryos

Sofia Vergara has made quite the reputation in Hollywood as a super sexy, and spicy Latina on "Modern Family," but you can expect the 44-year-old to be in a lot more headlines now... for a very different reason.

Nick Loeb, Sofia's ex-fiancé, filed a "right-to-live" lawsuit in his college state of Louisiana.

This lawsuit places the frozen embryos the two kept during fertility treatments (named Emma and Isabella) as plaintiffs against the "Modern Family" star in hopes of keeping them alive for Loeb's own use with a surrogate.

If the ruling comes out in Vergara's favor, a Louisiana-based trust fund set up for the two embryos' education and healthcare could be compromised because Vergara would essentially be denying the embryos of their lives and their money.

James Carbonnet, a trustee of the embryos, was also listed as a plaintiff in this case.

Let me go on record by stating I was extremely enthralled (but mostly envious) by the more positive news of Sofia's recent marriage to the chiseled gift from God, "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello.

The two make an absolute gorgeous couple, and chances are they'll produce even more beautiful babies if given the chance.

Unfortunately, it seems like Loeb, Sofia's not-as-hot ex-fiancé, is trying to achieve that goal instead, courtesy of the frozen embryos from their past relationship.

While she seeks to get rid of the embryos, his intentions sound more like the plans of an evil-movie genius.

All I have to say about this is... what the fuck, Nick? This just hints at you being an extremely jealous man, yearning to keep yourself in a sliver of spotlight by using Sofia's frozen embryos to produce children you may or may not even want.

Clearly, something did not work in the relationship, so what's the point of producing kids who will still tie the two of you together?

It's time to move on, man!

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