Sofia Vergara Posts Pics Of Wedding To Joe Manganiello

Back in 1995, The Smashing Pumpkins said, “The world is a vampire,” and everyone was like, “Uh… k… ?” or, more likely, “Pass the stuffed crust pizza,” because food in the '90s was just starting to get truly shameless.

Now, in 2016, Billy Corgan's words are starting to make some serious sense. As we all emotionally exsanguinate on America's bathroom floor, brief moments of levity and love are more necessary than ever.

With that in mind, I come today bearing news of Sofia Vergara's precious anniversary. What? It's all I have. You'll take it.

The “Modern Family” actress married “Magic Mike” actor Joe Manganiello one year ago in Florida.

On Tuesday, she honored their anni by posting a throwback photo on Instagram of Joe watching her walk down the aisle at The Breakers Palm Beach.

She also shared a snap of her and the hubs dancing at their reception.

And one of a procession of tiny, adorable flower girls.

Joe shared a throwback as well, wishing his bride a happy anniversary in Spanish.

There's nothing like revisiting the tender memory of your $4 million wedding to alleviate some of the searing pain of facing your future in an uncertain social and political climate, am I right?

The only less-than-perfect element of Jofia's big day was pal Ellen DeGeneres' decision not to attend, a choice Sofia rightfully roasted the daytime host for during a visit to the "Ellen" show late last year.

She said,

[The wedding] came out perfectly… The people that worked helping me do the wedding — amazing… But I knew what I wanted… I knew I wanted you to come, but I guess I wasn't good enough for you.

YEAH, Ellen. This is a grudge we're ALL holding tightly to until the sun sets on our earthly existences.


Make it right, El. Make. It. Right.

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