Simone Biles Imagined Her Dream Date With Zac Efron

No one is having a better year than Simone Biles, that's for sure.

Following her triumphant victories in Rio, Simone has been busy hanging out with godlike superstars such as Beyoncé, chatting it up with talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres and being followed by wild packs of camera-wielding paparazzi.

After coming home with the gold from her phenomenal gymnastics performance at the Olympics in Rio this year, one thing is certainly clear -- her life has completely changed for the better.

Sure, the haters out there have tried to slow Simone Biles down on her way to superstardom, but she isn't letting them win.

Her latest on-camera appearance was with Vogue in a video titled "73 Questions with Simone Biles."

The video description reads,

Simone Biles takes us to her Olympic training facility and talks about her dream date with Zac Efron, the taste of her gold medals, and dealing with the paparazzi.

Out of all the questions asked throughout the 6-minute clip, the 19-year-old gold medallist's eyes lit up the most when one particular person was mentioned... Can you guess who it is?!

Alright, fine. I'll spill the beans -- it's ZAC EFRON.

If you know anything about Simone Biles, you know that she's head-over-heels for the 28-year-old actor and doesn't care who knows it.

In this new interview for Vogue, Biles is asked to envision what she would consider a perfect date with Zac Efron. Immediately after hearing his name, she smiles uncontrollably and responds,

I think... breakfast on the beach.

How cute.

At that point, there's only one question left to ask...

If Brad and Angelina are Brangelina, your and Zac's name would be... ?

Her answer is priceless.

Hey, Zac, if you're reading, don't be a fool.

Simone Biles is the perfect young lady to settle down with -- and now you know 73 random things that you didn't know before (including how she REALLY feels about you).

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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