Simone Biles Speaks Out About Leaked Drug-Test Docs


Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles is speaking out after Russian hackers leaked her confidential drug-testing documents.

The hacker group, known as Fancy Bear, reportedly broke into the World Anti-Doping Agency database where they were able to retrieve personal data documenting Biles' drug-testing results.

They found what they were looking for after discovering documents relating to "Therapeutic Use Exemptions," which details banned substances athletes are able to use for approved medical reasons.

ABC News reported that Simone Biles tested positive for the ADHD drug methylphenidate, a drug commonly know as Ritalin.

Despite the findings as a result of the hack, the International Gymnastics Federation had approved Biles' use of the drug.

Now, Simone Biles is coming to her own defense regarding her ADHD and her use for the medication.

She took to Twitter, saying,

It looks a lot like Fancy Bear uncovered something that makes Simone Biles look more human than anything.

The four-time Olympic gold medallist continued,

Yup, she's indeed human.

Here are the tweets.

Good job, hackers... NOT.

To set the record straight once and for all, the USA Gymnastics offered up a statement on the findings.

Here's the tweet.

Simone Biles wasn't the only athlete targeted during the hack. According to US Weekly, athletes Venus and Serena Williams, as well as basketball player Elena Delle Donne, were also targeted.

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