Seth Rogen Scared People With Talking Food In Epic Grocery Store Prank

If you're planning on going to the movies this weekend, I suggest you check out Seth Rogen's "Sausage Party."

In the animated film, the comedian voices a sausage named Frank and stars alongside Kristen Wiig who plays a hot dog bun.

When I first played the trailer, I assumed it was a children's movie because, IDK, it looked like a cartoon.

It didn't take long for me to realize this shit would be rated R.

If Seth Rogen is in it, you can expect it to be dirty AF.

To honor the movie's release, Seth played a hysterical prank on customers in an NYC supermarket.

His team hid animatronic food around the store and used remote controls to freak out shoppers. LOLOLOL.

In the two-minute video, a lot of funny stuff happens. Seth fucks with a bunch of people and almost gives a lady a heart attack.


He pretends to be a loaf of bread, a cantaloupe, a sausage and more.


Not gonna lie, I'd be pretty freaked out if a piece of fruit started talking to me.


Be sure to watch the full prank in the video above. Peace, love, Seth Rogen and sausages. XOXO.