Seth Rogen Rolling The Perfect Blunt Will Make You Want To Smoke Weed


This is like hearing Henry Ford give a TED Talk on how cars work.

At some point in the past couple decades, Seth Rogen became the patron saint of smoking up. I mean, how could he not? You can only be in so many movies where the logline starts with the phrase “a chunky stoner…” before the media recognizes you as the president of chunky stoners.

Seth Rogen is to getting into wacky situations while blazed as Liam Neeson is to picking up a cell phone and whispering aggressive threats in a slightly Irish accent to the capturers of his family members.

Remember last year when Pope Francis came to America, and it was a big deal because Americans could finally see the pope in real life? Well, hearing how Seth Rogen rolls a joint is the exact same thing as that.