Selena Gomez Previews Her New Song On Snapchat And We Can't Wait For The Rest

by Tim McGovern

Selena Gomez not only has a new boyfriend The Weeknd, who she's making out with on yachts (when she's not making out with him behind dumpsters), she's also got a brand new song coming out on Thursday.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not titled "U Wanna Suck Face Holes Behind A Trash Dumpster Or A Yacht?"

Although it's only nine seconds long, this snippet of the song actually called "It Ain't Me" is still worth a listen (or four or 23).

That's right, Selena not only posted one Snapchat video of her singing her own song in the car (I guess this means war, James Corden and his "Carpool Karaoke"), she posted two.


OK, before you groan over the fact there's so much more of the song left to enjoy that we can't listen to until Thursday, here's a few more things we do know about this song.

To begin, it's the very first song Selena has released since going to rehab back in October of last year.

The song is also a collaboration with Kygo. In fact, Kygo beat Selena to the punch by posting a much longer segment of the song on his Instagram.

So far, the lyrics we can hear Selena sing in the first video are these:

I had a dream we were sipping whisky neat, Highest floor of the Bowery and I was high enough.

And from my best estimate, she sings these lyrics in the second video:

[Unintelligible]... I am me.

She also could be saying "It Ain't Me," but I'm going to stand by my previous educated guess.

Thankfully, we only have to wait until Thursday to hear the whole song in its completion (and to learn my guesswork is way off).

In the meantime, feel free to press play over and over and over again like I did...

Unless you have a life. In which, case... uh, I actually don't know what it's like to have a life so you do you.