Selena Gomez's "Fetish" Music Video Is Here & It's Intense

We knew this day was coming, and now it's finally here. Selena Gomez's "Fetish" music video dropped today and it's intense. Gomez has been teasing the video release all week, forcing Selenators in front of an open browser, waiting with bated breath, sweaty palms, and an extra large venti Nitro Cold Brew coffee – hold the cream – not speaking from personal experience or anything.

Earlier this month, Gomez released what we thought might be the official video, but in reality, it turned out to be just three minutes and 45 glorious seconds of a close-up of her mouth. TBH, that would have been enough for me, but she gave us more today. And it's a lot.

Here, take a look.

I know, I'll give you a minute.

After the playful romp that Gomez delivered with her "Bad Liar" music video, "Fetish" shows us a totally different side to our main girl, Selena. Mainly, like, her tongue.

The video is swamped with graphic, evocative and provocative imagery that is a far cry from the adorbs high school student Selena portrays in "Bad Liar."

I mean look at this.


Yup, that sure is a string of spit coming out of her mouth. No. I can't confirm if she actually eats broken glass. Yes, it sure does look that way. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

And this.


Oh, this? This is just casual goo flopping out of her mouth. She seems to be real chill about it, so I guess I'll also be real chill about it. But also, SELENA ARE YOU OK?



No girl. Do not put that soap in your mouth. It will taste bad. ALSO, GOD LORD OUR SAVIOR WHAT IS GOING ON?!

The video definitely walks the line between dark and intriguing, and our only hope is that Selena will answer some of the big questions for us soon.

In the meantime, everyone keep your hands and arms inside the moving Selena Gomez vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.