Ryan Reynolds Birthday Message To Blake Lively Is Hilariously Sweet

OK, Ryan Reynolds, we get it. You're Very Funny on Twitter.

First, you were very rude to your daughter in your tweets, and that was Very Funny. We all laughed. Terrible parenting. Hilarious!

Then, you had the best Twitter responses to those nasty AF sex propositions you get, and that was also Very Funny. They made you seem desirable AND superior AND witty.

Now, the latest example of Ryan Reynolds being Very Funny on Twitter is his birthday wish to his wife, Blake Lively.

Today is Blake Lively's 29th birthday. And in honor of Blake Lively's 29th birthday, Ryan sent out a very special birthday wish.

HAHA, get it? Ryan Reynolds paid more attentions to Billy Ray Cyrus, the famous country singer who is 55 today, than his own wife!

He said he loved Billy Ray Cyrus with all his heart! That's normally something a husband would say to his wife on her birthday! But instead his wife was an afterthought!

Hoo boy, if that's not Comedy with a capital "C," I don't know what is.

No response yet from Billy or Blake on their birthday message from Ryan, but I'm sure they will both laugh heartily when they see it.

How could you not laugh? Ryan Reynolds is Very Funny on Twitter.