Please, No: Ryan Lochte Says He's Thinking About Doing Another Reality Show

Jeah, OK, I know you're hoping Ryan Lochte will finally realize the Jeahlympics are over and fade back out of our collective conscious until it's time for him to win some more medals in a few years, but don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

The gold medalist, who's magnificent at swimming, alright at dancing and abysmal at crime, recently admitted to ET's Nischelle Turner he's considering starring in a reality show with his new fiancé, Kayla Rae Reid.

The "Dancing With The Stars" competitor said,

We've thought about it… We've already thought about it… I think that would be a lot of fun… Especially with us, if you see us when we're home, we're just a bunch of goofballs. It's a lot of entertainment, so we would definitely do it.

I mean, who in their right mind is going to say no to “a lot of entertainment”? Entertainment is perhaps the chief quality viewers look for when deciding which television show to watch.

The pilot episode of Ryan and Kayla's reality show should definitely take place at their upcoming wedding, especially considering Ry has some intense plans for their first dance as husband and wife.

He shared,

I want to do some traditional stuff, but I like doing different things… I'm going to mix the waltz, contemporary, the cha cha, salsa… I'm going to mix it all in one dance.

The pressure to perform for wedding guests may be fueled slightly by Lochte's decision to invite the entire cast of "Dancing With The Stars."

The 32-year-old told Turner,

The whole entire show [will be invited]... I mean honestly, it's been like a family. I definitely want for the wedding itself, my closest friends and family. And then afterwards, you know, that's a celebration, so I'll have a huge, huge party.

Honestly? Good. Vanilla Ice looks hungry for free shrimp and well rum cocktails.

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