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Ryan Gosling Talking About His 'Angel' Daughters Will Totally Melt Your Heart

Ryan Gosling is a DILF, and that goes without saying.

Sorry, Eva, but it's true -- your hubby is a hottie we all admire from afar.

Just when we though the heartthrob couldn't get any more irresistible, he opened up about his daughters in the most adorable way possible during the premiere of his upcoming film "La La Land" at the Toronto Film Festival on Monday.

When asked about his girls, Esmerelda, 2, and Amada, 5 months, Gosling gushed at the camera and told ET how incredibly happy he is. He said,

They're angels. It's the happiest time in my life.


Yep. The 35-year-old actor we shamelessly drool over is one proud papa, and it's making us love him even more.

With Gosling's charm and Mendes' beauty, I can already imagine how perfect their daughters are going to turn out. It'll probably be un-humanlike.

Speaking of charm and beauty, 27-year-old Emma Stone hit the red carpet with Gosling once again at the festival as his co-star in "La La Land", and they looked flawless.

This is the third movie the dynamic duo have filmed together, and they get cuter and cuter each time.

Emma, give us a chance to fake-flirt with our big-screen BF, will you?!

Ugh, only in our dreams.

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