Rob Kardashian Almost Changed Dream's Name

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner spent the last week promoting the crap out of Rob and Chyna's baby special, but the broadcast followed a weekend of real-life drama that rocked the couple's relationship till it crumbled.

Quick breakdown:

  1. Chyna's Insta was hacked on Saturday, December 17. The hacker posted texts from the 28-year-old revealing some harsh opinions about Rob, including her assertion the Kardashian son was "lazy, fat and insecure."
  2. Chyna left Rob and took Dream and King, leaving her fiancé to wander the house and Snapchat empty bedrooms/his empty freezer.
  3. Fans were skeptical of Rob and Chy's most recent drama, considering the fact it hit one day before the baby special aired, leading many to believe it was all a publicity stunt.

With all this searing-hot drama plaguing the Kardashian/White fam IRL, there was little to be excited about with last night's birth special.

In fact, the one aspect viewers focused on appeared to be Rob's decision to check Twitter prior to finalizing his daughter's birth certificate and making Dream Renee Kardashian her legal name.


In all fairness, Twitter was NOT a fan of Rob and Chy's choice back in November.

The couple's decision shouldn't have come as a shock, considering Chyna named her first child (with ex Tyga) King Cairo, and Dream's cousins North, Saint and Reign are all bizarre monikers.

Still, the internet was brutally honest.


What did we tell you? Brutally honest, right?

Truth be told, Dream Kardashian will grow up so rich and disconnected from the Ashleys and the Matthews of the world, she won't need a normal name to find love, success or happiness.

While all of us are relieved our name isn't Dream (or Saint, or North, or Reign), it's only because we're a bunch of anonymous poors, kneeling at the altar of the Kardashian Empire and hoping to one day find our way into the family.

Best of luck to you all.

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