Rob Kardashian Meets Baby Dream In 'Rob & Chyna' Teaser

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna and baby Dream Kardashian are coming, y'all.

In about a week, the "Rob & Chyna Baby Special" will debut on television, and if the new teaser is any indication, this show is going to be off the chain!


In the new promo video, we see Blac Chyna give birth to baby Dream, the over-the-top baby shower that followed, King Cairo's birthday blowout and a brief tiff between Kris Jenner and Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni.

The above-mentioned scenes look awesome, of course, but the best part about the upcoming "Rob & Chyna Baby Special" is undoubtedly the moment Rob Kardashian first meets his daughter baby Dream Kardashian.


As Rob and Dream meet for the first time, Kris Jenner says,

This is dad!


You ready for the latest look at the "Rob & Chyna Baby Special"? Buckle up...

Back to the Tokyo Toni-Kris Jenner drama for a minute, though, because that looks kinda dope.

In the "Rob & Chyna Baby Special," Chyna said to her mom,

Sometimes you intimidate people.

In response to such allegations, Toni responded,

I go off when it's deserved. If you not acting accordingly, I'mma handle you!

Get it, Tokyo Toni!

We've already had a brief glimpse of the happy new family in a recent Snapchat story posted by Rob Kardashian.

In the story, Rob showed off the gingerbread house Kris Jenner gave the family for their first Christmas together, as well as how stunning Blac Chyna looked just weeks after giving birth.

In the Snapchat story, Chyna said,

Hey! Look at this gingerbread house. Merry Christmas, people, from Angela, Rob, King and Dream!

As of December 1, Blac Chyna had already dropped 23 pounds since giving birth to Dream Kardashian, and she looks absolutely flawless.


Obviously, there were plenty of haters who speculated Chyna's weight loss wasn't natural, but Blac Chyna ain't got no time for that.


Addressing those rumors, she said,

So I posted a picture of my belly yesterday and the only reason it got that flat, you guys, is from breastfeeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy.

Let this adorable family live!

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