30 Photos Of Shay Mitchell That Prove She's A Beauty Icon


Whether you know her from "Pretty Little Liars," her modeling career or just her completely gorgeous Instagram account, it's impossible for anyone to ignore Shay Mitchell's insane beauty.

So what better way to celebrate Shay's 30th birthday than by looking back at all the incredible looks she gave us that left us breathless?!

Here are 30 moments where Shay Mitchell proved herself as a modern beauty icon:

1. When she perfected unicorn makeup for Coachella.


2. When she killed it in her Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" look.

3. When she looked like a freaking supermodel after jumping in a fountain.

4. When she got steamy with Nick Jonas in his music video.


5. When she nailed street style in a beanie and fur jacket.

6. When she rocked gold rings in her hair.


7. When she still looked mega-glamorous while chowing down on pizza.

8. When she found her fierce spirit animal.

9. When she was a total knockout inside the boxing ring and outside of it.

10. When she slayed a high-glam bicker chick look as her "Pretty Little Liars" character Emily Fields.

ABC Family

11. When she turned this tassled caftan into a #fashion #moment.

12. When she gave us full Kardashian realness on a hike.

13. When she became one with the forest.

14. When she perfectly channeled Poison Ivy.

15. When she was already a supermodel in her first acting gig on "Degrassi."

16. When she looked flawless just casually lying in a bathtub with curlers in her hair.

17. When she gave us this instantly iconic black-and-white look.

18. When she had a total blonde bombshell moment.


19. When she killed both this high-fashion look...

20. ...and this breezy, casual look.

21. When she proved the more ponytails, the better.


22. When she nailed "how the kids are dressing."

23. When she rocked chunky jewelry.

24. When she shone brighter than a sunrise in this two-piece.

25. When she went full "Baywatch."

26. When she wowed us with this masterful braid crown.


27. When she took us on a tropical style vacation.

28. When she still looked like a gorgeous mermaid after getting "caught in a net."

29. When she gained the ability to control the element of water.

30. And most impressively, when she somehow managed to look super glam while in full fishing gear!