8 Photos Of Nick Viall Crying That Will Brighten Up Your Hump Day

by Alexa Mellardo

If you're having the absolute worst hump day of your life, look no further than Nick Viall's face to save the day.

Yep, you heard me right.

We've established “Bachelor” Nick is a sometimes hot, sometimes not kind of guy. His face has, well, a plethora of moments.

We appreciate and make memes out of them all because that's what makes Nick… Nick.

Most of us out there can relate to Viall's impressive range of moments. The one that's been crushing countless headlines recently – as well as getting oh-so roasted like a marshmallow on a fire – is Viall's crying face.

Move over Kim Kardashian West: Your crying face has hardcore competition.


Some guys are taught at a very young age it's never, ever OK to cry... or at least, not in front of a girl. Other people see a man's tears as a sign he's only human, and an extremely sentimental dude.

The majority of people believe it's natural for a man to show his emotions. Now, that doesn't always mean he should open up the flood gates and let the tears fall down uncontrollably on the fly.

There's a fine line between releasing genuine tears over something extremely sad and heartbreaking and becoming a bawling spectacle over something that's not very upsetting.

Our main man of the hour, Nick Viall, has been captured shedding tears on screen several times. For that, I have to say I respect him.

His tears tell it like it is, and he doesn't keep his emotions closed off from the women he's dating.

In honor of Nick Viall's crying faces, turn to these eight pictures to put the sparkle back into your hump day. They prove it is, in fact, manly to cry.

1. It shows he's being real AF.


2. Why not let them flow, right?


3. Holding tears back would be fake, and no one likes a fraud.


4. He's obviously not a closet cryer.


5. He's mastered the ugly cry like a boss, and he should be proud of it.


6. Crying shows the women in his life he's not afraid to express his emotions.


7. Sensitivity is an impressive quality in a guy.


8. And lastly, I couldn't help but post a zoomed-in version of this gem; it's just TOO DAMN GOOD.


When it comes down to it, we can always count on Nick Viall's face to cheer us up when we're having a stressful AF day.

Thanks for being a real, true dude, Nick. Your tears never cease to warm our hearts.