'Bachelor' Nick Viall Gets Roasted For Crying


Nick Viall went on a send-home spree on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor," and then cried in front of the remaining contestants before he'd even had time to wash the blood off his hands.

Perhaps Nick truly panicked over his inability to let another human being get close to him. After all (SPOILERS, BITCHES. GET REAL), he sent home Jasmine and Danielle L. after both women admitted they were falling in love with him.

He told viewers,

Shockingly, Nick did not dwell too long on his decision to straight-up abandon Whitney on an island.

Few fans feel bad for ol' Nick.


OR the remaining women, for that matter.

Some fans shared Nick's pain, or at least reveled in it.


Others suggested the real tragedy lies in this total charade of a courtship.

The consensus? Crocodile tears.

No one is saying Nick can't express his emotions, but fans appear less sympathetic toward the man with a roomful of gorgeous, interesting women to choose from than toward contestants like Jasmine who, driven insane by competition, tried to lightheartedly choke the trophy to death.

Can Nick pull it together and do right by the women who put their lives on hold for a chance to build a future with him? Was Danielle L. right when she said Nick was "making a mistake"? Will Whitney ever get off that island?

Hard to tell, folks. Hard. To. Tell.