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Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry's PDA-Packed Vacation Will Make You Jealous AF

Today in Celebrities Proving How Much They Are Really, Actually Dating For Real, more photos of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry being in totally legit love have surfaced.

After paddling along last week with his peepee in the breeze and Lady Katy at the helm, Orlando has doubled down on vacation romance.

One great way to bond as a couple in both the eyes of the public and one another is #ABT. Always. Be. Touching.

It doesn't matter where or how, just make sure you're touching your partner every waking moment. If you're lucky, your skin will fuse together and you will conjoin.

Though Katy and Orlando are clearly deeply committed, they haven't lost that new relationship spark and sense of sexual adventure.

Orlando Bloom knows how to please a woman.

We gals love havin' our tots smushed into oblivion.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Katy's sister Angela and brother David joined the couple on their sensual trip to Sardinia, which is only weird if you allow your mind to dwell on how many times Orlando took his shorts off in front of his girlfriend's siblings.

Love is weird, y'all.

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