Noah Cyrus' Performance At The MTV Movie Awards Will Remind You Of 2008 Miley

by Katie Corvino
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Noah Cyrus is only 17 years old but she's already accomplished more than I will in a lifetime.

The singer and actress performed her hit single "Stay Together" at the MTV Movie & TV Awards -- young Hollywood's hottest party of the year -- and it was incredible.

This year's awards show aimed to celebrate the demo with some of the youngest and most relevant stars out there, with everyone from Emma Watson to Adam DeVine and the entire cast of "13 Reasons Why."

Noah took the stage and her performance reminded several fans of her big sister Miley Cyrus.

Did that remind anyone else of "Fly On The Wall"? Come on, I KNOW it's not just me.

The two are only a few years different in age (OK, 7) but Noah is carving her path as a completely separate artist... and 2017 is her year to do it.

Elite Daily was able to speak to the star ahead of her performance to get fans pumped for the big night.

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When asked what it means to perform at the MTV Movie & TV Awards this year, Noah told us,

I'm super excited. I mean, I'm really excited because my guy Big Sean is performing... I love him so much, so I'm excited to be here with him... I'm really excited to perform, it'll be my first time.

Noah released a music video for her song "Make Me (Cry)" featuring Labrinth back in November 2016 and even performed the single at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in March.

The singer commented on the emotional energy she brings to the stage while performing these extremely personal numbers. She said,

It was very personal and it's all very real and being true to who I am, and that's what I wanted it to be since I was 14 years old.

When asked why it's important for her to communicate with her fans so honestly through music, Noah explained,

I want to be real with my fans but I want to be real as a person in general no matter who I'm talking to... my fans, they didn't get to grow up around me... so I feel like I'm filling in everything they didn't really, all the personal things, they haven't gotten to experience with me that I want them to know about through my music.
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Fans might assume Noah felt inspired to pursue music from watching Miley Cyrus transform into the artist she has become, but the 17-year-old says it was really her dad who got her started.

My dad and I performed at a coffee shop and I wanted to do music since then.

Noah's father and mother were at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night to support her, but Noah wants fans to know her entire family -- not just Miley -- is cheering her on.

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I mean, it's sweet. I'm getting support from all of my siblings not just one... it's really sweet how supportive [Miley] is but all of my siblings are supporting me as well.

If you're curious what the song she performed tonight is truly about, Noah wants you to know this:

[Stay Together is] all about hanging out with your friends and having a good time, but for some people it could mean I fell in love at this party and I ended up falling for this girl or guy.... you know, it could have so many different meanings to it. It could be about your friends, somebody you love, anybody really.
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Yup, 2017 is definitely Noah's year.