Nicki Minaj Is Fighting Giuseppe Zanotti On Social Media


This has been an interesting week for Nicki Minaj.

After Nicki squashed the beef between her and Drake and had her house robbed, you'd think the rapper would want to take a break from the spotlight.

But you'd be wrong.

Earlier this afternoon, Minaj caught whiff of a shoe company using her name to sell her shoes.


And she was very unhappy because unlike most deals cut with name brands, Minaj's Instagram post suggests she was not paid.

The caption reads,

We smell a lawsuit.

The rapper continued to drag the shoe company, after claiming not only did the company not pay her, but it is also refusing to take her phone call.

She continued her rampage on Instagram in a slew of posts – creating the hashtag "GiuseppeWhatsGood."


The post reads,

The hashtag she created started trending on Twitter and has prompted the shoe designer to remove all shoes named after her from its website.

But not before her fans could screenshot all the evidence.


This development has not stopped Minaj from continuing to tweet her dismay at the whole event in the first place.


She even hilariously alluded to meeting the designer in the boxing ring, asking someone to tell Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather that after they host Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's fight, they can host hers against Giuseppe Zanotti.

Then as the finale, the Trinidadian rapper posted a video of her boxing in rhinestone-studded, American flag boxing gloves.

It's a safe bet to assume Minaj is prepared to fight someone over this.