Nick Jonas Reveals The Meaning Of "Find You" And It's Actually Super Deep

The Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube

Nick Jonas' new song “Find You” is giving fans life. With the cryptic lyrics, people have been trying to dig a little deeper to figure out whom Jonas is singing about. The meaning of “Find You,” it turns out, is pretty deep, as Jonas explains in a recent Ellen DeGeneres Show interview.

In the music video, Jonas is seen wandering the desert and it opened up all kinds of questions about who “Find You” is all about. The mystery is totally solved: it's all about Jonas himself.


During a sitdown with DeGeneres, the talk show host got right to the bottom of the meaning behind the song, asking, “yeah, who is it about?” Jonas was happy to give a little backstory inspo information for anyone trying to solve the mystery. He explained:

Let's get into it. I wrote this song, I was at Coachella... I ended up at the rave tent for a few hours, dancing and having fun. I went into the studio in the next couple of days and said, 'What if I took a house beat, dance music approach, but did it to a pop song?'

See where he's going with this? Yep, we have Coachella of all things to thank for Jonas' new bop. Who knew?

DeGeneres persisted on finding out whom “Find You” was about and Jonas delivered this deep answer: “It's actually just as much about finding out who I am and being OK by myself versus finding somebody. So, that's the answer.”

See? Deep.

Of course, Jonas might just be feeding us all a line – who knows, maybe it is about some mystery woman and he's just using this super vague “finding out who I am” canned answer to cover it up.

Even DeGeneres thinks there's more to it, as she says, “Alright, I don't believe you... no, I do believe you. It's a great song, I really love it.” You 've gotta love her for saying what everyone is kind of thinking.

Then again, Jonas' BFF Demi Lovato recently revealed that her tune “You Don't Do It For Me Anymore” is all about her. In response to one fan's theory that “If the song is about her old self, then it is literally 10 times even better and more impactful,” Lovato noted: “Well done... it is.”

Gasp. What's with everyone going the self-reflective route lately?

Jonas also gabbed about how he spent his 25th birthday, “I did a few things. I went and played at Angel Stadium after the game... take batting practice and I hit a home run out of the stadium, which felt very cool. It was amazing, it was the highlight of my life.” He continued, “It was a big moment, so I might be quitting music to go pursue a career in baseball.”

Then he did the grown-up Disney thing, explaining, “Then I went to Disneyland the next day with some friends, Joe came out... we did kind of the adult Disneyland, that just means we drank some wine."

Wine and Disney rides? He admitted, “Bad choice, I wouldn't advise it.”

What's next for Jonas? He's filming a movie in Montreal called Chaos Walking, and is “trying to get better at French.” Then he smoldered for the camera and the audience literally lost it.

DeGeneres put his French to the test and, well, it's not too impressive, sorry not sorry. He credits Beauty and the Beast with his limited knowledge of the language. DeGeneres helped him out with a very special gift – a bedazzled beret. That ought to take the focus off his limited French skills.

He seriously looks cute in anything. And yes, Jonas is single, as he confirmed recently during an On Air With Ryan Seacrest interview. When asked if he ended his birthday with anyone special, Jonas answered: “It was my pillow after a full weekend with friends.” Aw.

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