Natalie Portman Says Ashton Kutcher Made 3 Times More For 'No Strings Attached'

by Taylor Ortega
Cold Spring Pictures/REX/Shutterstock

Believe it or not, there are more than a few differences between Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

Natalie has an Academy Award.

Ashton has several Teen Choice Awards.

Natalie recently filmed a Jackie O biopic, aptly titled “Jackie,” that's already earning her Oscar buzz.

Ashton stars in Netflix's “The Ranch,” in which he sort of does a Southern accent most of the time.

Natalie and Ashton both starred in 2011's “No Strings Attached,” but Ashton was paid three times more than Natalie for his work on the film.

In a post-“Black Swan” (the role that earned Natalie her Oscar) Hollywood, it's still pretty unsurprising a pay gap so large existed between an esteemed actress and an actor who once sold snack food in brown face.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire UK, Natalie explained Ashton's estimated worth at the time drove his price way up. She said,

Ashton Kutcher was paid three times as much as me on 'No Strings Attached' … I knew and I went along with it because there's this thing with 'quotes' in Hollywood… His [quote] was three times higher than mine, so they said he should get three times more. I wasn't as pissed as I should have been. I mean, we get paid a lot, so it's hard to complain, but the disparity is crazy… Compared to men, in most professions, women make 80 cents to the dollar. In Hollywood, we are making 30 cents to the dollar.

In October, Jennifer Lawrence contributed a piece to Lena Dunham's Lenny newsletter condemning the pay gap and herself for “[failing] as a negotiator” in her efforts to not seem “difficult or "spoiled.”

According to The Guardian, J Law was paid $8 million more than “Passengers” co-star Chris Pratt for their work in the sci-fi thriller, signaling a turn in tide for women in the business.

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