Emily Ratajkowski Plays With A Puppy In Sexy New Video

I hope to God you didn't wear sweatpants to work today.

Here is a video of Emily Ratajkowski playing with her dogs in bed. She isn't fully dressed for a decent chunk of it. She becomes more dressed, but not by much.

She then goes and walks her dog in her underwear passing by a series of apartment people on her way outside.

That is all you need to know aside from the fact that DKNY is somehow involved with this.

Honestly, what's refreshing about Emily Ratajkowski is that you don't ever really need to know any backstory to just enjoy what she's doing. Plus, she was great in the "Entourage" movie!

Case in point, she recently posted some pics and videos from a trip she took to the beach, and they're all great without the price of having to know what the context is.

Emily. Beach. Simple.

The sad news here is that you are likely never going to get the chance to date Emily for two reasons.

1. She is this person, and how dare you even think you will ever get a chance to be on a first-name basis with all of this:

2. She has a boyfriend.


His name is Jeff Magid. He is a musician, and I'm sure he is a gorgeous specimen who doesn't look like your mom's new boyfriend and plays bass in a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band.



OK, that is just one pic. We all have a few pics where we aren't looking our greatest. I had my fly down in my 4th grade class photo, this stuff happens. I'm sure he looks immaculate in o--



It's like she's going out with someone who looks like Mr. Clean got really into Creed.

Soooooo, maybe there is hope for the rest of us?