7 Dating Shows You Loved As A Teen That Will Probably Make You Cringe Now

by Laura Rizzo

Dating in 2017 is not easy. The early 2000s were a much simpler time. Back then, you went on a MTV reality show to try and meet someone you like.

The dating shows on MTV were everything. They was the perfect balance of love, lust, bad one-liners, and humiliation. Extra emphasis on the humiliation.

I'm surprised my mom let me watch all of these as obsessively as I did. That's probably why I'm so good at dating now.

From digging through a stranger's underwear drawer to "nexting" someone at first sight, these were train wrecks we couldn't stop watching.

Lucky for you, I'm going to help you relive all those amazing moments. You're welcome!

1. Date My Mom

If you couldn't guess by the title, Date My Mom featured a hunky guy who took out three moms. Based on who he had the best date with (and who had the biggest breasts), he would choose to date their daughter.

In case you're wondering, they did always make it way more weirdly sexual than it needed to be.

2. Next

Next is the earliest known form of Tinder. Could you imagine being instantly nexted? TBH, I would cry on the bus after. This particular scene from the show is such a hot mess.

I seriously think MTV was screen testing Charity to be the original Snooki.

3. Gay, Straight, or Taken?

What the actual hell was this show? Who would agree to be on this? 2007 was a weird time.

 4. Room Raiders

We all know and love Room Raiders. Didn't you keep your room clean on the off chance you were on it? No? Just me? OK. The clip above is to remind you Zac Efron was on an episode.

Note: They say Summerland's Zac Efron. Ahh, all the nostalgia.

5. Disaster Date

Call me a masochist or whatever, but I freaking loved Disaster Date. It's like MTV thought it would be a good idea to mix Punk'd and Boiling Points with a dating show. It was a good idea. A very, very good idea.

6. Dismissed

You can get the whole gist from the opening, but someone goes on a date with two people at the same time. In the first few minutes of the clip, Erin says Doug is "too tall" for her. I'M NOT UNDERSTANDING.

7. Parental Control

The parents interview candidates to date their son or daughter. At the end, their kid has to decide if they want to start dating the parent's pick or stay with the current significant other.

The weirdest part is the parents watch the date with the current boyfriend/girlfriend. Then, they cheer on their child when the date gets sexy.

See how much easier dating used to be? Whenever you're not feeling it with a Bumble date, don't be afraid to shout "Next" in his face. He'll totally get it.