Mischa Barton Out Of Hospital, Says She Was Drugged


After being hospitalized this past Thursday morning for erratic and "odd behavior," actress Mischa Barton has now made a statement claiming she was drugged the night before, leading to the morning's unsettling events.


While celebrating her 31st birthday out with friends, "The OC" star says at some point she was given the drug GHB. In a statement to People, Barton explains,

After arriving to Barton's West Hollywood apartment around 7:15 am on Thursday morning, authorities found Barton fully clothed after photos surfaced of the actress wearing only a t-shirt dress and tie.

Authorities confirm she willingly went to the hospital.

Barton's statement continues,

GHB, also know as the "date-rape drug", is common in night-life scenarios and acts as a depressant, causing those who consume it to suffer a number of side effects that may include disorientation, unconsciousness and memory loss.

The morning of the incident, sources reported Barton was hanging over a wooden fence, shouting and rambling about the world ending, her mother being a witch and, apparently, Ziggy Stardust.

After falling off the fence she reportedly shouted, "Oh my God, it's over! I feel it, and it's angry!"


We are happy to hear Barton is doing better and wish her a swift rebound from this upsetting event.

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