Millie Bobby Brown Did Not React Well To That 'Stranger Things' First Kiss


It's pretty clear Millie Bobby Brown is just as much of a badass as her character Eleven in "Stranger Things."

She was basically adopted by Aaron Paul and is now besties with Nelville fucking Longbottom.

Most recently, she posed for the cover of Interview Magazine looking punk AF.

Seriously, it looks like she could be leading the "Sons of Anarchy," or be a member of Uncle Jack's crew in "Breaking Bad."

She's bad to the bone, so yeah... just give her the Eggo waffles and no one gets hurt. You do not want her to get a nosebleed as she wrecks you.

But here's something you might not know about her...

Remember Mike and Eleven's first kiss in "Stranger Things?"

Well, that was her very first kiss, y'all! THE FEELINGS YOU SEE ARE REAL!

In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Millie was grilled about the infamous kiss and had a few things to say about it,

Yeah, I did have to kiss Finn. At the end of the day, it's only acting, and it's something you have to do, and I would do anything for the show. I cut my hair, I kissed Finn. It was definitely strange. It was, like, my first kiss, so it was kind of weird. But then, like, when I'd done it, I thought, 'Wow. It makes sense for the storyline.'

Whoa, sounds like kissing him was a -- wait for it -- stranger thing?

*Humbly bows to your non-existent applause*

Of course, after the interview brought up the fact that Millie's reaction was "priceless" and that she reportedly said "[k]issing sucks," Millie responded,

Finn reacted quite well and I didn't. [laughs] I felt really bad afterwards.

Oh, dang. She did NOT enjoy that smooch.

To be honest, my first kiss was in college on my birthday, and I was very drunk, so that too was not the most enjoyable.

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