'OITNB' Star Matt McGorry Has An Amazing Response To #AllLivesMatter


Matt McGorry made some randomly great points about how misguided #AllLivesMatter is.

It's a little bit out of nowhere, but the guy who plays Officer Bennett on "Orange Is the New Black" has been using his social media presence to spit some pretty accurate truth about social issues to his followers.

In the past, McGorry has been outspoken about unfair gender censorship and was quick to applaud Caitlyn Jenner for her Vanity Fair cover shoot.

McGorry got on his Twitter soapbox recently to speak out against #AllLivesMatter, a hashtag used in response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

McGorry also turned to Instagram to make his point.

In the caption of his Instagram post, he wrote,

Although it may read like a journal entry someone wrote right after having to eat Thanksgiving dinner with his or her terrible, conservative relatives, it raises a lot of good points and is pretty *mic drop* worthy.

Matt McGorry deserves all the applause and, honestly, all the roles in Hollywood.

Keep this social media Socrates employed, Hollywood!

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