'OITNB' Star Adds Female Nipples To His Picture To Protest Censorship

Officer Bennett from "Orange Is the New Black" is joining the fight against social media's war on lady parts.

In an effort to speak out against Instagram's gender nudity double standard, Matt McGorry Photoshopped the nipples of Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen over his own. The nipples were from photos Instagram removed from their respective accounts.

The idea to post the Photoshopped image stemmed from the movement where women put male nipples over their own to protest the unfair rules Instagram has against female nudity.

In the post, McGorry said,

The banning of women's nipples may sound normal or even inconsequential as you think, 'well, women's nipples are more sexual than men's nipples.' But that's not some scientific fact. It's because of how our society so heavily sexualizes women. And it should be up to the individual woman to decide if she wants to show them, just like men have the choice.

Your move, Instagram.

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