Margot Robbie Got In Shape For 'Suicide Squad' Without Cutting Any Calories

by Talia Koren
Warner Bros. Pictures

I don't really have celebrity girl crushes, but if I had to pick one, it would be Margot Robbie. She's bangin'.

Her newest flick, "Suicide Squad," came out August 5, and her character, Harley Quinn, basically runs around in the shortest shorts I've ever seen. OK, they're basically underwear.

So before shooting this movie, I'd say Robbie was in excellent shape.

But with the help of personal trainer Andie Hecker, she went HAM and worked out for up to three hours a day two weeks before shooting started.

She also trained just as hard during filming. Damn, I can barely stay in the gym for more than an hour.

But, I guess when you have to appear almost naked on a giant screen, you want to tighten up a bit. Especially because the camera can pull some pretty crazy optical illusions when it comes to body shape.

Normally, actresses cut calories and do high-intensity interval training workouts to slim down quickly. Instead, Hecker had Robbie do Pilates, ballet and "non-bulking cardio" like jump rope and ballet jumps.

Robbie also did ballet-style moves with ankle weights to target glutes because of, you know, the booty shorts.

Of course, these exercises required a ton of energy on Robbie's part, so no, she didn't do any calorie cutting and still ate normally.

She even ate cake, people.

This was good planning on her part because in the movie, she looks toned and ready for action. She's also supposed to be a villain, and, well, they need to be pretty durable.

Besides, curves are badass.

In general, Robbie doesn't want to slim down for movies just because she feels like she has to. Even for her role in "Tarzan" as Jane, she didn't diet or anything before shooting.

Instead, she actually made a point to try as many pubs as possible while living in London. Meanwhile, poor Alexander Skarsgard probably had to diet and train like an Olympian to get in shape to play Tarzan.

Robbie, you keep doing you. It's working.

Thank you for being an actress who eats cake while getting in shape for a big movie.

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