'Suicide Squad' Can Actually Teach You A Lot About Falling In Love

Warner Bros. Pictures

Even though everyone is hating on "Suicide Squad," I think there is something you should definitely notice about this movie.

The love shared by the Joker and Harley Quinn defines next-level relationship goals. My friend and I went to see the movie, and we were blown away by the bond these two crazy people share.

These are the moments that made me go, "THIS is what I want with my SO:"

1. Embrace the irrational.

Quinn was the Joker's psychiatrist before she caught feelings for him. In a flashback to his past, he tells her, "There is something I want you to do for me. I want you to get me machine guns."

Now, this request is beyond irrational for an inmate seeking psych treatment to ask. But you know what? Love doesn't know logic.

I want that kind of crazy love. If I ask you for the moon, you should get it for me.

I'd do the same for you.

2. Be partners in crime.

So, you're bat shit crazy. Good. So am I.

Your wavelength needs to match mine at every level, no matter whether it's sane or insane. Because if that doesn't happen, our relationship is mediocre.

I'm sorry, but life is way too mediocre as it is. Love should never be another mediocre aspect.

My favorite scene goes something like this:

Joker: Would you die for me? Harley: Yes. Joker: That's too easy. Would you suffer for me? Harley: Yes.

Then, Harley free-falls right into a chemical acid tub. The Joker turns his back and walks away.

But after about 30 seconds, he realizes, "Oh man! I can't let her dive in alone." So, he jumps right in as well.

That's what love should be. You jump through hell and fire for your partner.

You're in it together, through thick and thin.

3. Never give up.

From the beginning of the movie, the Joker is constantly updating Harley, telling her that he's coming for her. She believes him, even though she's going through hell in the mean time.

She looks at the bigger picture. She doesn't give up on him, even in the shittiest of times.

This is because even if situations change, your love shouldn't.

For his part, the Joker sticks to his word. He comes for Harley to take her home... not once, but many times. I understand he may be insane and unstable, but he comes for her no matter how dangerous the situation is.

4. Every day and every situation should be special.

To rescue the love of his life, the Joker comes in with full prep. He's all suited and dressed for the occasion, and he says, "Baby, it's time to go home."

This shows that he wants to see her so much, he's made an effort to look dapper for her. Making an effort is what keeps a relationship alive.

She may be in prison, but that doesn't stop him from making her feel like he made an effort for her.

We get into this really crappy (but necessary) comfort zone in relationships. But it's important to know where to draw the line.

They're the king and queen of Gotham city. So, you have to respect the queen... unless you want all hell to break loose.

5. Move mountains for your love.

There's a scene in the movie where Harley is ready to trade her soul to the witch in order to get the witch to return her "pudding" to her. Feel the kind of love that would get you to move mountains because that's just what great love is.

That's the kind of love I want. Thats what everyone should get. We all deserve this kind of love.

It's true that we've all had our hearts broken. But imagine: Maybe you're someone's first love. Don't make this person go through the shit you went through.

Love the one you're with with all your heart and soul. Respect this person and treat him or her the way you'd want to be treated.

Their relationship is crazy and insane, but that's what love is supposed to be. That's the love I want.

I'd go all out for my love, and I'd want him to come rescue me when I've hit rock bottom in life. That's the love we should all look for.