This Guy's Time-Lapse Video Proves You Can Blame The Camera If You Look Bad

Daily Mail

OK, I have to confess. There was a point in my life when I was interested in vlogging. Yeah. Like on YouTube. But here's the thing: I hate how I look on camera. Also, I have no clue what I would vlog about.

Actually, a lot of people don't like how they look on camera because they think it makes them look a little heftier than they consider themselves to be. It has a lot to do with of the "myth" that the camera adds 10 pounds -- but maybe it's true, and the way you look has nothing to do with the way you're posing or the face you're making.

Prague native Dan Vojtech totally proved the myth to be true in this time-lapse video showing how different lenses affect how your body looks on camera. He shared a short clip demonstrating the lenses altering the width of his face and subsequently the size of his features as he looked at the camera straight on.

So, it's not you or your face making you look puffy on video; it's probably the camera. Let's be real, though, since when can a camera capture how beautiful you really are IRL?

Who knew a simple optical illusion like this makes people scared of being in front of a camera so much? Of course, now knowing this doesn't mean a thing, I'm going to start vlogging before you know it.

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