Louis Tomlinson Is Set To Perform At The Teen Choice Awards And Fans Are So Excited

by Katie Corvino

The 2017 Teen Choice Awards will air live from Los Angeles on Sunday, August 13, and it will surely be a night to remember. Not only are some huge names up for awards, but the list of performers sounds unreal. Louis Tomlinson will be performing his hit song "Back To You" featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals. Louis Tomlinson's "Back To You" lyrics are actually really deep, so I suggest refreshing your memory before hearing it live on Sunday night.

Let's break it down, shall we?

Bebe Rexha opens Tomlinson's song with the verse,

I know you say you know me, know me well But these days I don't even know myself, no I always thought I'd be with someone else I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah

She then sings the entire first pre-chorus and chorus, and it sounds amazing:

I call you but you never even answer I tell myself I'm done with wicked games But then I get so numb with all the laughter That I forget about the pain Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me You drag me down, you f*ck me up We're on the ground, we're screaming I don't know how to make it stop I love it, I hate it, and I can't take it But I keep on coming back to you

THIS IS SO EMOTIONAL, I CAN'T HANDLE IT. Louis Tomlinson comes in for the second verse and gives it his all. Belt it, Louis. Sing your heart out.

I know my friends, they give me bad advice Like move on, get you out my mind But don't you think I haven't even tried? You got me cornered and my hands are tied

After this, Rexha and Tomlinson sing the pre-chorus and chorus together and it's everything. Don't ask me how many times I've cried to this song thinking about my ex. OK, THE ANSWER IS 13. STFU, OK?

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 on July 21, Tomlinson explained why he loves "Back To You" so much.

He said,

I think, especially with this song, it kind of stood out to me across everything that I've written so far for the album, really, because it's quite minimal in the production, it's kind of something — even melodically — feels different to what I would normally do, so that was exciting to me. We all know those people that you're kind of like, you probably shouldn't be together, but you just keep finding your way back to each other. It's kind of just writing about that most extreme of that relationship situation.

Ugh, we love it too, Louis. Fans on Twitter can't stop talking about how excited they are to watch you perform!

Be sure to check out the Teen Choice Awards at 8 p.m. EST on FOX on Sunday, August 13.