Lisa Kudrow Opens Up About A Sexist Guest Star On The Set Of 'Friends'

by Dylan Kickham

It seemed like nothing could go wrong on the set of "Friends." I mean, all of those guys actually seemed like they were, well... friends.

But apparently, the same can't be said for all of the shows guest stars.

Lisa Kudrow lifted the curtain to reveal some pretty bad stuff went down on "Friends" when the cameras weren't rolling. In particular, one guest star made a nasty comment to Kudrow that has stuck with her to this day.

On Wednesday night's "Watch What Happens Live," a viewer called in to ask Kudrow what the worst behavior she experienced from a guest star on "Friends" was.

Without pausing, Kudrow recalled the time when one guest actor told her she only looked "fuckable" after she had her hair and makeup professionally done.

The worst behavior, just off the top of my head... I rehearsed without makeup most of the week, and then on show night, I'm in hair and makeup, and was told 'Oh wow... Now you're fuckable!'

Ummm, excuse me? Did Lisa ask for your opinion? Take your tired-ass negging elsewhere, please!

When asked if she retaliated, Kudrow said she just commiserated with Matt LeBlanc about the whole ordeal, adding that he was like a big brother to her.

Although the ever-persistent Andy Cohen prodded Kudrow to name names, the actress kept her lips sealed. Of course, "Friends" is famous for having a boatload of well-known guest stars throughout its 10-season run.

Everyone from Bruce Willis, to Paul Rudd, to Brad Pitt has stopped by the famous apartments, so we almost definitely won't be able to figure out who was behind the comment unless Kudrow decides to say so.

That news may have been a bit of a downer, but Lisa Kudrow also let us in on some good news during her interview: apparently the six "Friends" stars still get together, and recently had a group dinner that she says they laughed all the way through.

So while a "Friends" reboot may not happen, at least we can rest easy that the "Friends" are still friends!

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