Liev Schreiber Wished Ex Naomi Watts A Happy Birthday


Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts don't hate each other despite their recent split.

While Brangelina is busy sorting out their drama-filled differences, Liev and Naomi appear to be keeping the peace.

At least it certainly seems like there are no hard feelings toward each other. The proof? Ex-boyfriend Liev Schreiber went out of his way to wish the 48-year-old British actress a happy birthday on Instagram.

Remember, people, these things matter! Schreiber, also 48, stumbled across Naomi's celebratory Instagram post, which features an adorable baby photo of herself.

The photo caption hilariously reads,

Here's the photo. How cute is she?!

I'll admit, though... It is kind of a spooky picture. Just in time for Halloween.

Liev Schreiber triggered the emotions of fans everywhere when he jumped into Watts' comments under her birthday photo and left a sweet message simply reading "Happy Birthday Sweetheart."

Here's Liev's heartfelt comment.


Fans noticed Liev's comment and went insane. They're still SO nice to each other. That's incredibly rare these days.

However, it's no surprise that these two are able to keep things cordial after their split that ended their 11-year relationship.

When the heartbreaking news was first announced, the couple issued a statement to US Weekly, saying,

Hey, despite the recent flurry of painful celebrity breakups we've had to endure this year, maybe real love still exists.

Thanks for giving the rest of us hope, guys. Oh, and happy birthday, Naomi!

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