Leo DiCaprio Has An Olympian Doppelgänger And The Internet Can't Get Enough

OK, Leonardo DiCaprio already won his Oscar. Does he really need to be credited with an Olympic medal now, too?

Apparently, yes. Yes he does.

Let me be clear: Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio did not win a silver medal in archery for the US at the Rio Olympics.

Three-time Olympian Brady Ellison won a silver medal in archery for the US at the Rio Olympics.

Unfortunately for Brady, this feat of physical excellence is being overshadowed by the fact he looks a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio.

And you know what the internet does with people who like Leo? Tweet about it!

Am I the only one that thinks that Ellison from #USA#archery team looks a bit like Leonardo dicaprio? #Rio2016#olympics — Sally (@manicrose1984) August 6, 2016

OK, I'm sorry about your achievement not getting the attention it deserves, Brady, but you DO look like Leonardo DiCaprio, like, a lot.

Like, he looks like the version of Leo who sits in a lawn chair next to a cooler of beer while listening to Kid Rock all day, but still. Definitely Leo.

This is hardly the first time the internet has found the 41-year-old actor's doppelgänger.

Remember Russian Leo? Remember Swedish Leo?

Archery Leo is just another notch in the Leo-lookalike belt. Welcome to the club, Brady!

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