Lamar Odom Works Out To Win Khloé Kardashian Back


Lamar Odom continues to defy the laws of biology and confound the world of modern medicine by simply being a living, breathing human being with basic cognitive function.

The former LA Laker shared a photo to Instagram on Tuesday in which he lifts a medicine ball above his head under the supervision of a trainer.


He captioned the pic,

Back in October 2015, Lamar suffered a near-fatal overdose that left him in a coma. After slowly regaining his ability to walk and talk, Lamar completed a 30-day rehab program.

During an interview with hottie TV Dr. Travis Stork, Lamar claimed,

Uh, sure.

He admitted he was “in a dark place” especially considering his then-ongoing divorce from Khloé Kardashian.


Lamar still holds out hope there's a chance Khloé will take him back.

He added,

The couple's divorce was finalized on December 17, but Lamar insisted their story hasn't ended.

He said,

Whether Khloé is open to allowing Lamar to "repay" her is still up in the air.

She's currently dating Cleveland Cavalier Travis Thompson and the couple freely share evidence of their love for one another on social media.

Instagram/Khloé Kardashian

Fortunately for Lamar, luck has a way of finding him.

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