Lady Gaga Reveals If Her Single Was A Shot At Taylor Kinney


Ever since Lady Gaga released her lead single "Perfect Illusion" earlier this month, many fans have been wondering if the track was taking aim at her former fiancé Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga seems to be adamant about clearing the air when it comes to the speculation behind the song's purpose.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM, the 30-year-old star said,

Even Gaga knows rumors are swirling that her latest record, co-produced alongside Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson, is about actor Taylor Kinney, and it's keeping her loyal "Monsters" awake at night.

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Gaga continued,

That makes perfect sense... I guess this means the song's title is even more fitting now. "Perfect Illusion," get it?!

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gaga and Kinney called off their engagement and ended their relationship on good terms.

After Cohen asked if they had "beautifully consciously uncoupled," Gaga explained,

You hear that, people?! They're just figuring it out -- nothing more, nothing less.

Listen to Lady Gaga's full interview with Andy Cohen below.

So, now that we know Gaga's new track WASN'T calling out 35-year-old Kinney, what was it really about?

In a past interview with Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on New York's Z100, Lady Gaga said,

Ah, see, now THAT makes sense.

After all, Gaga's music has always touched on fame and how her rise to pop royalty has changed her life forever. It isn't hard to believe these lyrics are about her experience thus far.

Still, it isn't hard to see why people might have thought "Perfect Illusion" was about Taylor Kinney.

We'll take your word for it, Gaga!

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