Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons' Vid Shows Power Of Sisterhood

by Robert Anthony

Monsters, rejoice!

Lady Gaga just shared a new music video for her song "Million Reasons," the second single off of her fifth studio album titled "Joanne." The visual picks up where Gaga left off in the music video for her first single "Perfect Illusion."

If you haven't seen that video yet, catch yourself up to speed!

Gaga's new video for "Million Reasons" picks up in the same desert where she left off in "Perfect Illusion." The cinematic experience walks the 30-year-old singer's loyal fans through a somber moment of clarity for Gaga.

The crisp scenes cut back and forth between her singing her heart out on a soundstage while sporting a chic pink look to her applying makeup in a mirror as her glam squad surrounds her.

Gaga took to Instagram to talk about what inspired her creative direction behind the video.

Throughout "Million Reasons," it seems as if Gaga is singing about her ex-boyfriend Taylor Kinney. The song lyrics read,

Baby I'm bleedin', bleedin' Stay Can't you give me what I'm needin', needin' Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith But baby, I just need one good one Good one, good one, good one, good one, good one

To me, those 6 lines scream Taylor Kinney, however, it becomes more apparent with the accompanying visual that Gaga is expressing her appreciation for sisterhood and the power it possesses.

While Gaga might come out and directly address her relationship with Kinney, she did hint that "Million Reasons," along with the rest of the "Joanne" album, have everything to do with her actual life.

The Grammy award-winning singer took to Twitter to share the new music video for her second single, revealing,

Perfect Illusion leads right into this... a story and look into my life.

Here's the tweet.

So far, the video has managed to rack up over 450,000 views in under 24 hours.

Before the release of the insightful "Million Reasons" video, Lady Gaga opened up about her ongoing struggle with PTSD.

Check out the video above!

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