Kylie Jenner Got A Tiny Tattoo To Declare Her Love For Tyga And No One Noticed


Kylie Jenner's latest tattoo would be totally awesome if it wasn't dedicated to Tyga, but it looks like the 19-year-old has gone and branded herself with his name.

She was spotted hanging around in some gnarly lace-up pants that showed off a lowercase "t" on the inside of her left ankle.

Kylie is believed to have gotten the tattoo last month by artist Rafael Valdez, reports TMZ. He's the same guy who inked her up back in December 2015.

Take a peek -- it's a pretty cool design.

She's had the tattoo for some time, but no one picked up on it. You can just about make out the tiny thing in this photo posted on her Instagram four weeks ago.

Look, I'll bite my tongue if these guys actually stay together, get married and have loads of terrible babies. But that is 100 percent not going to happen, so marking yourself up with someone else's name is just asking for trouble.

Tyga is said to have branded his love for Kylie on his skin a while back too.

Kylie and Tyga's relationship has been pretty solid for months now, despite some earlier hiccups and rumors he has absolutely no money whatsoever.

They were pictured doing a Mariah Carey under the biggest Christmas tree of 2016.


And their love has been immortalized in the creepiest calendar of 2017. Please tell me you've seen the winning photo -- it's Kylie straddling Tyga topless on the floor. There are couple goals, and then there's this uncomfortable mess:

It gets worse. There's another one in full color where Tyga is motorboating Kylie's breasts while he has his hand stuffed down the back of her pants.

EW. MAKE IT STOP. I pray to God this calendar didn't make it under many Christmas trees last year.

I do not endorse this relationship, obviously.