Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Bikini Body In The Most Seductive Snapchat Vids

by Tim McGovern

What happens when someone accidentally posts an article mentioning how Kylie Jenner likes to use sex toys with Tyga on her app without her approval or knowledge?

Kylie moves on... with incredibly revealing, salivary gland-activating Snapchat videos, which are sure to improve even your gloomiest of Wednesdays.

My favorite part about this 7-second video -- and there are so many amazing parts to choose from -- is when Snapchat thinks Kylie's collar bone's shadows are her eyes for that dumb dog filter everyone is crazy about.

But this is but one Snapchat video in a series of five seductive clips.

More like a series of five out of five stars, am I right?

*raises hand*

No one? Really?

Are you ready for number two?

Kylie Jenner is truly the Scorsese of selfie videos. How soon can we petition the Academy to include Best Snapchat Videos in their yearly Oscars?

That's not to say Kylie isn't above experimenting by flipping things upside-down a bit.

Can you imagine being the poolside waiter at this hotel or resort?

"Um, ma'am. I know you're taking an impromptu selfie, but you have to order something if you're going to have a chair by the pool. OH MY GOD, YOU'RE KYLIE JENNER."

But back to the important stuff in life: Kylie in a bathing suit.

Kylie Jenner in bathing suit > me in a suit > me in a bathing suit > me in a lawsuit because people were traumatized by looking at me in bathing suit.

Finally, here's the last in a series of fortunate events AKA these five selfie videos.

Jaw, meet floor. Floor, meet jaw.

Well, that's all the selfie videos I have to share with you.

I hope you'll be back soon so I can show you my own selfie video featuring me in a bathing suit.