Kim Kardashian Leaves Home To Meet Friend's New Babies

Every kiss begins with

Seeing Kim Kardashian out and about is as rare as seeing Big Foot these days.

That's why these photos of her kissing two adorable kids is like the moment in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" when Gene Wilder first emerges from the factory.

Kim recently left her fortress of solitude to visit her friend and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who just gave birth to two adorable twin boys this week.


Of course, Joyce captioned this adorable series of photos on Instagram, writing,

The Boys 'First Kiss' From Auntie KiKi

That's right, I wrote "series of photos" because Joyce -- God bless her -- also posted this heartwarming doozie:


Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is this... an episode of "Kissing Up with the Kardashians?"

Go on, I'll let you finish giving that bit a standing ovation and return to your laptop or mobile screen.

You finished? Great. Where was I?

But what about the other guy, Kim? You're just gonna leave him hanging smooch-wise?


Kim was recently reunited with none other than reality-star-turned-DJ Paris Hilton at Kris Jenner's holiday party.

Of course, they did so as equals, now that Kim isn't the Reek to Paris' Ramsay Bolton (shoutout to all my "Game of Thrones" fans out there who will appreciate this old SAT-level analogy).

Kim has been lying pretty goddamn low since her husband Kanye West's breakdown and hospitalization, but the two just made an appearance together at the holiday party so EVERYTHING IS AWESOME...

We hope.

Honestly, judging by their holiday picture he tweeted out, the both of them look miserable AF.

Just look at this photo and try not to have "Mad World" play in your head at the same time:


All in all, I just hope Kim has a better 2017 than her 2016 -- this year has probably been the roughest year of her life.

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