11 Things Kim Kardashian's Plastic Boots Actually Look Like

by Anna Menta

Listen, Kim Kardashian is often very stylish.

For instance, she looked amazing in her gorgeous VMAs dress last week. Her jewelry was so on point, it'll probably become the latest trend.

Kim usually looks flawlessly put together in paparazzi photos; she even looks stunning in her Snapchats when she's just lounging around at home.

In other words, Kim K has made a lot of good fashion choices in her life.

These knee-high, see-through plastic boots are just not one of them.

Kim debuted these new boots on Tuesday morning while walking around New York City.

The 35-year-old reality star was in town after attending Kanye West's concert at Madison Square Garden Monday night.

So... these boots. These boots are a lot. These boots are weird. Not even Kim Kardashian can convince me these boots aren't weird AF.


Kimmy, seriously, why?

We may never know why she made this fashion choice, but in the meantime, here is a list of things these weird boots of Kim's resemble:

1. Packaged hot dogs


White people's legs always low-key look like hot dogs already, but Kim really seals the deal by adding the plastic packaging factor.

2. Packaged Twinkies


3. Orange-flavored Freeze Pops

Dat spray tan, tho.

4. Basically any phallic-shaped food wrapped in plastic


5. A condom for legs


I don't know why you would need a condom for your leg and, frankly, I don't want to know. But that's what these boots look like.

6. Like Kim is being quarantined, but only for her legs


I mean...she does have psoriasis on her legs.

7. Like she is about to go cranberry picking down at the bog


Fun fact, did you know cranberries are grown in water? Kim knows.

8. Like Kim is standing in two feet of water everywhere she goes.


9. Defective mannequin legs


Similar to this mannequin the factory definitely effed up, but Kohl's still decided to display its clearance clothes on it because it's already over budget for the month.

10. Old people wrinkles


Sorry Kim, but these boots make your legs look like they've aged 50 years overnight.

11. Bottled water


Like the kind you get for $1 at Rite Aid that is slowly but surely depleting our global water supply.

Sorry, Kim. Hopefully you didn't spend too much on that pair.

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