Kim Kardashian Looks Gorgeous In Her Completely See-Through VMAs Dress

Unlike 90 percent of the general population, I adore Kim Kardashian.  She wants to pose nude on the cover of a magazine?

Great. She oils up for a paparazzi shoot in Mexico? Fab.  I'll click every time.

On the white carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards, Kim debuted an outfit that can only be described as the logical conclusion to the naked-while-clothed look she's been developing for some months.

The sheer black dress cinched at the front, showing off a figure many (read: just me) would give their left arm to attain.

Paired with strappy sandals, hair made to look fresh from the shower and gold necklaces, Kim was the very picture of sexy minimalism. Or, you know, maximalism.

Kim and Kanye walking the @VMAs carpet — KKW (@KimKLegion) August 29, 2016

Maybe this was just the terrible quality of my MTV live-stream, but I thought I caught a pair of very prominent nipples making their music awards show debut, as well.

Then again, a savvy observer's photo shows there's some kind of elaborate rigging system holding up the whole dress. Good on you, Kim.

While cameras flashed, hubby Kanye West could barely keep his hands off Kim's minuscule waist.

There's just one name I can give this look: postcoital chic, as only Kim can do it. Why work out every day and stick to a rigid diet if you're not going to debut your body for the whole world to see?

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